It can be anywhere you would like! Private homes, hotels, offices, limousines, party buses, private party halls, restaurants, bars or any location you want, just remember that it's very important that you get permission from the management of the location (if private owned) before you book your entertainment.

If your party is in a hotel room, you will provide the room number as soon as you check in, some hotels have very strict security so you may have to meet the entertainers at the lobby.

Make sure to inform all your guests ahead of time that there will be adult entertainment at the party, this way you can prevent people from being offended and also will give them the opportunity to come prepared to participate. Remember that everybody at the party must be at least 18 years old, no minors are allowed.

We recommend to make your reservations at least a week in advance, but we also provide same day services, however keep in mind that specific dancers get booked months in advance! So the sooner you make the reservation the better chances the you will get the performer you want.


You can make you reservation using our online form or by calling us 877-425-9354, you will need to provide your name, your phone number, a backup number, date and time of the event, address and type of event. Not sure about address or something else? You can always make your reservation and call us back with any missing information, this way you secure the entertainers for the day of your party.

Please choose 3-4 entertainers from our galleries and please note that a credit card is required to secure your reservation, this is to avoid prank calls and gives you the piece of mind you are dealing with a real company and your entertainment is guaranteed. We offer discreet billing. Another option is to get a Visa or Mastercard prepaid card, no billing statement and the backup of a reputable credit card company.

We at Afterdark Strippers have heard time & time again from happy customers that we offer competitive rates compared to other agents, however because we supply performers and waitstaff that are of impeccable quality, our prices reflect this. We believe in the old adage "pay peanuts – get monkeys" (and none of our girls look like monkeys)!! However, we will in most cases match or beat any advertised price listed on any reputable competitors website.


Please be ready to pay your entertainers upon their arrival. If you have any questions or special requests let them know at this point. Female dancers will arrive in their street clothes and a bag full of naughty surprises, so please provide them with a private room to change for the show, a clean bathroom or a bedroom is perfect for them to get ready to rock your party.

Remember our entertainers work for tips; this is industry standard and the best way to take your party from mild to XXXtremly wild! If you hold back so will they! Show your love and appreciation for the sexy girls who get naked and naughty.

Strippers are NOT prostitues! Please save yourself the embarrassment and do not attempt to solicit any escort services! If anyone does attempt to solicit any sexual services or intimidate our strippers or waitresses they may leave immediately with NO REFUND!

Code Of Conduct

So that everyone can have a good time & enjoy the entertainment provided by Afterdark Strippers, it is important to have some basic guidelines so that everyone knows what is expected. The following is set out so that you are aware of what is & isn't acceptable. Upon booking with San Diego Pussycats, you are agreeable to the following terms & conditions:

Respect, Respect, Respect. Touching is at the discretion of the performers ONLY. Beware of, and be respectful of the performers' boundaries and do not 'test' or 'overstep' these boundaries.

You don't go to work to be treated badly, neither do our performers. Our performers & wait staff are quality people who have decided to participate in the adult industry for your enjoyment. They have every day jobs & families just like you, & as such they deserve to be treated with respect.

Quite often our very popular guys/girls are booked back-to-back. You certainly wouldn't want your entertainment starting late...Please don't do it to other clients. No more than 15mins will be given to organise payments!

If you break the rules, the dancer/wait staff reserve the right to leave immediately & no refund will be given. Please explain to your guests before the entertainment commences about what is & isn't acceptable.

Cameras, videos or mobile phones are not usually permitted to be used during the performance. You must seek the performer's permission if you wish to record the performance in any way. Please respect their decision. Our performers have families and reputations outside of this industry, again...if the rules are broken the dancer/wait staff reserve the right to leave immediately.

Your opinion is important! If you have feedback, positive or negative, on any of the services we have provided you, please contact Afterdark Strippers via email page on our website. The owner will respond to your email at the earliest possible opportunity. Our phone staff are not authorized to settle customer complaints. If you are unhappy with the service that the Performer has provided, you must address this issue on the night of the performance, before the performer leaves the venue, with both the performer and a representative of Afterdark Strippers. No payments made to any performer can be refunded by San Diego Pussycats once the performer has left the venue.

The basic show is 60 minutes; however the length of time each entertainer stays is approximate and not guaranteed. Times could be more or less depending on crowd size and participation. You could always get a stripper to stay longer by tipping them and if their schedule allows it.

WE MAY REQUIRE A DEPOSIT depending on the type of party. In the event of a cancellation, the following policy will be upheld: Cancellations received from the time of booking up to 24 hours prior to the day of the event, will be subject to a $50.00 processing fee per entertainer. Reservations canceled less than 24 hours of the party will be subject to a $100.00 processing fee per entertainer. If at any time within one year of the canceled event you decide to reschedule it, all processing fees originally charged will be credited towards the new date's event. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITTEN FORM TO BE CONSIDERED VALID.

No refunds, adjustments and or discounts will be given after services have been rendered. Rendered Services are where ANY dancer has stripped as agreed or revealed any part of her body. All rights to credit card charge backs are forfeited.

Our Credit Card Identification name will appear on your statement within 1 to 2 billing cycles under the corporate name of Mystick Entertainment Inc.

Substitution Policy – Afterdark Strippers will make every effort possible to provide you with the entertainers that you have requested. However, in the event of an emergency, Afterdark Strippers reserves the right to substitute the entertainer you have requested with someone comparable. Please keep in mind it is impossible to guarantee all selections of performers by potential clients due to availability and scheduling and routing. We do not guarantee that any particular performer will be available for any one event. We try our best but the function of this company is to provide entertainment by an exotic dancer.